About Us & Our Services

Back in the old days, time was restricted to an object hung on the wall, a circle with two moving hands placed on a side of a building or locked to a chain and travelled around in a pocket. Nowadays, our relationship with time has changed, thanks to the invention of the wristwatch: a revolution that also helped shaping modern-day fashion.

At Oriental Horology, we are dedicated to match the history, style and personality of our clients to a timepiece that is both timeless and worth of legacy.

Our service

We provide a wide range of services to fit your exact needs from buying, selling, servicing, reselling and sourcing. Over time, watches can degrade and require servicing to restore their timekeeping abilities. As well as this, physical and thermal shocks, external damage, exposure to magnetic fields, moisture and other factors can interfere with functionality or prevent the watch from being worn.

Our Watchmaker

We have gathered a team of skilled and experienced watchmakers from service centers of World-Class brands such as Rolex and Patek Phillipe. We assure that your beloved timepiece will be treated with care and precision.


Rejuvenate your time piece, make it look like the first day you bought it from the shop.


Just like any car, parts of the engine must be cleaned and refilled with new liquid, so is your watch movement.

Parts Replacement

Sometimes, replacing is better than fixing. We offer our clients with an established network that we have created over the past few years with agents who help us source for genuine parts for replacements.


We also offer other services such as battery replacement for quartz watches, genuinity check, strap change, or contact us and let us of your problems.